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Gujarat State Yog Board

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Government of Gujarat
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Welcoming to All Wonderful teaching styles and how they honor and encourage bodies of all ages, sizes and abilities. Helping us to move better and to feel better. Many thanks!

Mohnish Sharma

Skillfully Managing Challenges I am very active and energetic and, thankfully, thus far, in good health. So when I began yoga, I was surprised by the challenge. The inward focus, the attention to breathing and to the body, the often difficult (for me) poses, were all new to me and out of my comfort zone.

Kiran Patel

Deep Learning, Compassion and Joy For many years, yoga has been a vital part of my life. It’s helped keep me fit—not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually. Yoga and meditation have gently prodded me to shed more than a few undesirable habits. You might say yoga teaches me how to play more nicely with others.

Riya Khemchandani

Integrating the Body with Spirituality I didn't pay a lot of attention to my body until I was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2006. After a year of chemotherapy I needed to rehabilitate my body through dietary changes and exercise. But I also needed to achieve a greater balance of body and mind.

Raj Sherwal

The very first spark of my love for yoga started with you and I am so devoted and in awe when the mind and body come together as one. I meditate daily and reap the benefits from that as well. The real transformation for me is that I am finally calm, with a peaceful body, mind and spirit.

Hetal Jain